About Shishir Joshi

Am a communications person….love to interact with people…listen to them..and sometimes, get heard. Either through my voice and now, as decibel levels get increasingly unbearable, through forms such as this.

They say, non-verbal communication play’s  a 93 per cent role in the overall communication process.  Obviously, that includes gestures, body language and different forms of expression. I guess I can include written form in this pie as well.

My blogs are reflections of what I feel. And because I have heard so many of you, so many of us, say things similar to what I express, it is  basically OUR blog:)

So, if you like what is written here, take credit and do share the link with others..if you don’t, share it anyways. Blame it on me.

Sorry….if that sounded corny. But at 11.30  in the night, trying to wrap a tedious editing process, this is the best I can dish out.

Itna paisa mein itnaich melenga:)) Happy reading.


15 responses to “About Shishir Joshi

  1. Am a reporter at heart. Love to teach. Have been doing so(Teaching that is) for the last 15 years or a bit more. Now, and thats about six years ago…quit to get into teaching and mentoring full time… … Putting to use the twenty five odd years that I have spent in active Journalism and News Management.
    When not mentoring, I engage in Training and Counselling.

    As of now, by designation, I am also the CEO of Bombay First. http://www.mumbaifirst.org will give you details on that.

    I Love travelling and to cook…and smile…and that’s when I blog:)

  2. ‘OUR BLOG’ – with unique perspective 🙂 …NICE way to sum it indeed!! Keep smiling.

  3. good to know there are some”idiots” like you still alive who follow their heart. Looks like Chetan Bhagat, Abhijit Joshi, Rajoo Hirani et al seem to be inspired by folks like you. Keep the good work going and flowing ..i am with you.Take care my friend.

  4. Itna paisa mein itnaich melenga:)) —What kind of language is this? Mumbaiiya Hindi…for sure…is anybody listening that this is complete distortion of language? Mumbaikars take pride in the same…

  5. Have shared your link with many of my friends! 🙂 Your blog deserves to be read through by one and all because many of us face these issues which you discuss so vehemently.

  6. tsering dolkar

    though i really wanted to study in Mumbai,i couldn’t do so due to some reason.I had a telephonic conversation with this calm and a cool man. He is really very kind.

  7. Interesting blog on paperwallah!! Also read some other blogs as well – keep up good work – Shankar, Hyd

  8. Shilpi Banerjee

    Hi Shishir, absolutely loved your blog on the larger picture.. look forward to exploring the rest of your blogs… had heard from Sragdhara of you becoming a journalist, but this is the first time am reading your writing… loved it ….

  9. shraddha apte

    hi shishir
    u have changed my perception of journalism!thanx !done a great job!never thought any one from a metropolitan city wuld be so emotional!sincere wishes for ur success !

  10. Hi, nice n straight forward . . . to b honest i dont know u till today unless i heard about u from ur ex Thermax coulegues. Google helps to find people. U r inspiration for many of such people, I guess. N that’s what i want to see myself 5 years down d line. . . . help me to understand u much better way, if possible. Thanks

    • Dear Abhijit, Kind of you to write in and p ofcourse these words of priase. Please let me confess, I am shishirt joshi but there could be some other person with a similar name who worked with Thermax. I have been a journalist all my life and, have never had a stint with Thermax. Do keep reading and reacting though. Feels nice. Good wishes in finding the right Shishir:)

  11. Was great listening to you in the program. Time crunch prevented further interactions. Would love to be in touch and keep sharing the multiple perspectives.

  12. hey shishir,always amazed how you use simple words yet say just the right thing as honest and straight as it should be 🙂

  13. Did you write this piece In an article on the Kundakulam nuclear power plant controversy :
    “In a sensitive location predominantly infested with southies [ a large part of the scientific establishment is from Kerala and Tamilanadu] finding a hindi speaking north Indian can be a rarity’.”

  14. Dear Shishir Joshi,

    We have been trying to get in touch with you by the only email address available on Mumbai First website: info@mumbaifirst.org (2nd e-mail sent on 25th September 2015).
    We request a meeting to present the urban planning proposals we have been working on. Kindly send us an email address where we could send you more details.

    The Studio of ABRAHAM JOHN ARCHITECTS has been working on urban design solutions to improve the city of Mumbai and make it a more liveable, green, eco-friendly city, through proactive initiatives such as The Bombay Greenway Project.

    THE BOMBAY GREENWAY PROJECT, WINNER of the International Urban Planning & Urban Design Competition Velo-City, Vienna, April 2013, comprises of several urban planning proposals that could transform Bombay into a truly 21st century city, improving connectivity & creating green public spaces, encouraging active interchangeable modes of transport and healthy city living.


    The Bombay Greenway has these 4 salient features:
    1. It directly affects minimum 7.7 million commuters daily! (the population of Switzerland) – the population finally using it would be far more.
    2. It creates more than 1000 acres of brand new green space (without reclamation or acquisition) – accessible everywhere in the city
    3.It can save over 4000 people a year!!! (10-12 people die daily on our railway tracks!)
    4.It’s also an alternative mode of transport that’s totally green (walk, run, cycle) – 114 kms of it!
    Of course, there are several other benefits which have been outlined in our detailed proposal.

    Links to Urban Planning Projects for several other areas that we have proposed. These could be pilot projects that could eventually link to the Greenway, envisioned to be accessible from anywhere in the City.

    http://abrahamjohnarchitects.com/the-bombay-coastal-project/ http://abrahamjohnarchitects.com/the-shivaji-park-project/

    http://abrahamjohnarchitects.com/the-juhu-beach-project/ http://abrahamjohnarchitects.com/the-haji-ali-mahalaxmi-project/

    http://abrahamjohnarchitects.com/the-bandra-talao-project/ http://abrahamjohnarchitects.com/the-saat-rasta-project/

    We’re also using FACEBOOK to create awareness: http://www.facebook.com/TheBombayGreenwayProject

    You can watch the videos on the Dedicated YOUTUBE channel.

    Please feel free to contact us with any queries.

    Looking forward to meeting you,

    Warm Regards,

    Alan Abraham
    T: +91 22 2600 0081 M: +919820700424

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