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Just heard, ArGo is being roped in by top cop RaMa to ‘break’ IMu’s silence. Just also heard in another breaking news that an image of naMo whispering what was claimed a political strategy to his man Friday, during an election rally in Bihar,  was actually NaMo dictating a thank you letter to InMu for having diverted people’s attention from the laMo and SuSwa controversy.

The murder mystery of the day, decade, century, Lifetime, as each network has been working hard to piece together has managed to fill much newsprint and airtime, consumed a fair amount of coffee chai, pegs and what not.

Just anybody, everybody and nobody, is investigating the case. And as Tata’s, in their much famous brand line, say, ‘we also make steel’, here, apart from everyone else, cops say are on top of things. Except the case closure, I am sure.

That chief investigator and super top cop RaMa has not been able to slam shut the open-and-shut case and is far far away from it, is nothing but an open secret.

Somewhere, everything said by everyone is being doubted (everyone is lying, said one ‘source’ cop). But, it’s nice and fun to believe the media (and the multiple versions which are emerging. And so, I am also beginning to believe not just what appears in print and is shouted at through television screens, but also what is being spread through media first cousins, whatsapp. A whatsapp forward suggested that IIM A has been asked to figure out who killed cock robin. Sorry. SheBo. And help solve the multi-sibling-multi-marriage-multi-layered knotty affair. It may be true.

Amidst all this, I chanced upon one of the many exclusive interviews given by one of the exclusive husbands/partners to ArGo. The first time I had seen Argo be soft to anyone was to RaGa. The last time was to PeeMu (of the InMu murder mystery fame).

Obviously, ArGo treated SiDa with the same flourish as he would treat a congress spokesperson making a nonsensical speech or worse, anyone who dared to interrupt ArGo.

ArGo first queried, then questioned and then, after interrogating SiDa on TV, subjected him to a verbal third degree of highly irrelevant questions, forcing the latter to retire hurt, angry or both.

(For anyone who has missed this interview, switch on TiNo and you will be subjected to exclusive replays of this interview where SiDa dared to flip flop through alleged lies in front of the one and only Majesty ArGo.

Now as the case tapers to multiple dead ends, pun unintended (though the cops claim otherwise and the media is not unwise), here is a possible exclusive which ArGo and others can get. With suggested questions.


Interview one(Duration one hour) with a Bystander in Bandra who may have been present on the road when the alleged murder took place.

ArGo: Thank you for talking to me and becoming part of history. So you remember seeing the car as it was passing by and the murder taking place?

Bystander: I sell coconuts on the road and lots of cars stop by and go past. I am not sure what you are talking about.

ArGo: Do you remember a Corsa going past? InMu was sitting inside?

Bystander: I saw many cars and maybe in one of them there may have been InMu as you say.

ArGo: So you do remember that. Was SheBo dead by then? What about SaKha?

Bystander: I don’t know what you are talking about.

ArGo: Why are you lying? Whom are you scared off? Have you been paid off? Your bank account may be seized too. We will come back to you.

Even as the interview is being aired, the banner ticker flashes TiNo channel XXXXPLOSIVE. EXCLUSIVE. It has traced a Bystander eyewitness who saw it all.

Bystander Flip flops during an exclusive interview with ArGo.

( post script)We also have in our possession text clips of similar interviews of ArGo with InMu and the driver but, they are not being released as the content may hamper the course of the investigation.